Educate Yourself about Divorce


Establish a Private Email Account Where You Can Receive Connections, Information, and Articles to Advance Your Understanding. Use a private window that does not leave a history of your efforts.


Gather Your Resources by Saving Cash in Your Own Accounts or If All Accounts are Joint Accounts Ask an Expert for Direction Concerning Preserving Cash in Joint Accounts in Your Own Name.


Make a List of All of Your Financial Questions, Another with All of Your Questions Regarding Custody, Another with All of Your Questions Regarding Emotional Issues, and Another with all of Your Legal Questions


Make a list of all of your fears regarding the legal, emotional, financial, and child aspects of the divorce and then examine their validity. If You are Unsure About Whether Your Fears are Warranted, Add the Question to One of the Four Lists Set Forth Above.


Determine Whether Taking Action Will Put You or Your Children In Danger of Emotional or Physical Abuse. Do you feel as though you must walk on eggshells around your spouse in order to prevent them from exploding with anger? Learn more about Domestic Violence Here


Confide Only In a Few people that You Trust. Do Not Share Private Details about the Divorce or Your Present Personal Life Openly on Social Media. Create a List Concerning Who You Can Talk To, Another List Concerning Who Can Be a Part of Your Support Team (to help with the children, for example), and Another List of Persons to Whom You Can Turn to For Social Relief.


Read About The Divorce Laws In Your State. Here is a link to the Arizona Laws Concerning Divorce as Well as to Other Resources.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to learn other smart steps toward a successful divorce.