Divorce Coaching:

A strategic and supportive process where individuals partner with an expert trained to identify blocks, fears, and misconceptions and provide an understanding of the terrain of divorce.


Divorce Coaching

What is life coaching specialized to the area of divorce coaching?

A strategic and supportive process where individuals partner with an expertly trained life coach who specializes in helping you to identify blocks, fears, and misconceptions and provides you with an understanding of the terrain of divorce.

Who is coaching for?

Divorce coaching is for individual women and men who are…




Have the challenges of

    • Struggling to communicate with your current spouse/future ex.
    • Allowing the stress of divorce to affect your work, family relations, productivity, and overall emotional and physical health.
    • Being so tied to the situation you feel as though you’re not seeing things clearly.
    • Continuing to be on edge because of the fears of “what if.”
    • Struggle to apply family law to your real life situation


    • Hands-on decision making
    • Support in deciding what is most important
    • Priorities, goals and objectives
    • Accountability to taking action
    • Emotional support

If you would like to…

  • Learn stress reduction practices
  • Know how to represent yourself with your attorney and in court
  • Make the transition of divorce less damaging
  • Build a support team for yourself
  • Have a second pair of eyes looking over legal, financial, and custodial legal agreements and legal billing
  • Know how to keep your reputation intact
  • Know what to ask for and not miss out on resources you deserve in a settlement
  • Avoid getting stuck with a “cookie cutter” custody arrangement that leads to conflict between parents, an inability of the parents to stick to the arrangement, and stress for the children with always transitioning between homes
  • Receive help moving forward, reaching your potential together with strategies for navigating a difficult time in your life (relationship, divorce, co-parenting or parenting issues, dealing with or avoiding parental alienation, dealing with a difficult person, self esteem, decision making, coping with stress, navigating the dating world or a relationship etc)

…then coaching is for YOU!

The Coaching Process

Coaching goes beyond the courtroom aspects of divorce.


We will look at your professional and personal resources to ensure that you can have a great head start on your new life. When you go to a therapist, you will get the emotional support but not the legal aspects. If you work only with an attorney, you will be supported in the legal aspects but not the emotional aspects for you and your children.

In coaching, I am able to combine my legal and psychology experience and education to support you in understanding the legal and emotional aspects of divorce and how critical the interaction between the two are.

Because each individual and situation is different, I create a customized agenda for each client.

At our first session we will identify: 

  • your priorities
  • set goals
  • begin to create a timeline of what needs to get done

Throughout this program, we will maintain a pace that keeps you moving forward and ensures that you are taking the necessary steps to make decisions that are best for you.

*custom program details will be outlined at your Get A Handle On It! Session.