Parenting Plans


Today, parents have the option to use mediation, instead of litigation, to resolve parenting disputes.

Many states require parents to mediate to resolve disagreements over custody and visitation, before proceeding to litigation.


Custody mediation, compared to litigation, requires less time to reach an agreement,

results in greater compliance with child support, is less costly overall, and

promotes positive contact between parents and children

Custody Mediation & Shared Parenting Planning

 (4) 90-minute Mediation Sessions


Session 1:

Each parent identifies his or her parenting needs.

I assist parents with clarifying work schedules, distance between homes, children’s schools, extracurricular activities, and how transportation is factored into these activities.

Parents identify any special needs for children, such as health issues & learning disabilities.

We discuss important family dynamics issues such as the relational dynamics between individual children and parents.

The session concludes with both parents brainstorming to generate possible solutions and contribute to the pool of possible solutions.


Sessions 2 & 3

We evaluate the alternative solutions and both parents eliminate the suggestions that are unacceptable and explain why.

Respectful communication is facilitated.

I work with both parents to decide on the best mutually acceptable solutions.

Solutions under consideration will be evaluated for effectiveness once implemented and adjustments can be made.

We clarify and ensure each coparent’s responsibilities and commitments are met with understanding and agreement.

Once the preliminary agreement is set, we work collaboratively to determine the ways solutions will be implemented.

The parents sign an interim agreement based upon the terms both parents agreed upon.


Session 4

A follow up to evaluate how well the solutions are working and to evaluate the effectiveness of the parenting plan.

We  remove any impediments to the plan that contributed to it not working.

The total price for the custody mediation is  $3060.