mediation includes document preparation

Mediation Includes Document Preparation; You never have to step foot in a courtroom!

As your mediator and licensed Arizona Legal Document Preparer, Dr. Peary helps you as a neutral party to reach agreements regarding divorce, marital property, and parenting. If both parties agree, Dr. Peary may also prepare all of your divorce documents and file all of your legal divorce and parenting paperwork with the court.

Everything you need to begin your new life  can be prepared, filed, and taken care of with the minimal animosity between you and your partner and minimal interruption and expense for you and your family.  Divorce is hard enough.  You owe it to yourselves to take a kinder route, one that circumvents the courthouse and further heart ache.

Dr. Peary will help you, as a couple, to consider your family’s needs with regard to living arrangements and co-parenting and will help you draft an agreement that takes into account the special needs and issues of your family life and work life.  She can help you reach interim agreements to insure your family continues to function smoothly while you work life.  The next stage of the process involves filing your legal paperwork in order to obtain your divorce and make your agreements orders of the court.  With your agreements in place, we will take you through the next critical steps of filing divorce and/or custody complaints with the court on your behalf .