One of the most important characteristics of the way I provide services to you is to meet you exactly where you are at and to work together from there.  Whether I am working with you as an individual, a couple, or as a family, I listen to understand the process and information you need in that moment.  Some individuals and couples are not sure what they want the legal and personal status of their relationship to be and seek information about what their choices might each entail.  I also work with mothers and fathers who have only a co-parenting relationship in order to help them create a strategy for healthy children and a healthy family.

I do not have an agenda for you when you walk into my office.  We create an agenda and the scope of our work together.  If we have already worked together, your feed-back on how the process we developed worked for you is invaluable to me.

If you are willing to provide me with a few minutes of your time and your feed-back, I will be truly grateful.

Dr. Jodi Peary