Amidst all of the tumult of divorce,

You Want Your Children To Feel Loved & Secure

Co-Parenting Essentials

The collaborative process of divorce protects the interest of children.



Divorce Coaching for dads


The Co-Parenting Essentials Package may be added to any divorce mediation or divorce coaching package.

When parents divorce each member of the family experiences the stress that arises with the experience of change.

     While separating from each other as spouses, parents must form a new form of relationship with each other.

Your new form of relationship must be developed amidst a divorce that maybe draining you of your emotional and financial resources.

It is challenging to avoid bringing old ways of interacting with each other into the parenting relationship.

Yet conflict  between parents makes separation from one parent more painful for children.

As parents  you may each continue to feel guilt, blame, rage, or grief.

Of course, both parents love their children,

Yet can be very difficult to manage emotions and conflict with an ex-spouse.

Doing so supports children in moving through the rapid life changes they are experiencing and to feel loved and secure.

For these reasons, psychologists, lawyers, judges, parenting experts, and pediatricians

recommend that divorcing parents work with a parenting expert to establish a plan and learn communication strategies.

parenting essentials

As a family psychologist and former family lawyer, children and families have been at the center of my work for over 20 years.

It is important to me to offer our evidenced based Co-Parenting Essential Package.

The Co-Parenting Essentials Package

Parents learn research based strategies for communication and interactions with their children and their former partners

that lead to better child outcomes and healthy child development.

Parents receive support to create a parenting relationship that empowers you to engage in a Cooperative Co-Parenting Relationship

We help you to decipher the myriad of new roles each family member will have in their Two Home family.

Co-Parenting Essentials

teaches you mechanisms for keeping your children out of the middle of conflict.

The Co-Parenting Essentials Package teaches you strategies to:

  •  Develop shared parenting practices tailored to the needs and characteristics of your family
  • To lessen the Challenges of Raising children between two homes.
  • Explore  how your  children perceive your divorce.
  •  Develop shared, clear expectations and effective consequences for children.
  • Meet your children’s needs for support in dealing with parental separation
  • cope for all family members
  • maximize quality time with your children.
  • relate to your co-parent in a way that minimizes harm to your kids
  • establish and maintain a co-parent role.
  • Understand the impact of parent conflict on children.
  • Develop a child-focused co-parent perspective.
  •  avoid conflict and to defuse conflict when it occurs.
  •  problem-solve and negotiate
  • Provide psychological permission to your children to love and be with both parents.
  • develop advantages for childcare.
  • Engage in responsive and positive parent-teacher-child interactions & relationships
  • Improve school readiness
  • Cognitive strategies for challenging angry, negative, and depressive self-talk
  • Increase parent self-esteem and self confidence
  • Understand how families of origin influence your parenting
  • Develop a Parent Philosophy that works for you as a single parent
  • Balance parent and child needs
  • Prompt children’s Social and emotional development
  • Provide information to other family members, friends, professionals