Developmentally informed coparenting plans
co parenting plans help parents and children move forward
Detailed Parenting Plans Help Blended Families Thrive

Parenting Plans for All Kinds of Families

Co Parenting is a major lifestyle change.

For co parenting to be successful, you need more than a standard form.

You need a co-parenting plan that helps you to build a strong co parenting team. 

In developing your detailed parenting schedule, I work with you and consider:

  • your individuality as parents, and
  • your children’s different personalities and temperaments.

Your Co Parenting Plan will include:

  • Basic Co-Parenting Guidelines
  • Flexibility Guidelines, and
  • Limited Guidelines.

We develop Basic Co Parenting Guidelines,  so that you and your child’s other parent will have one shared set of rules to abide by and will know what to expect of each other.  We discuss tips for avoiding hassles and using the basic guidelines successfully.

We also develop Flexible Guidelines, natural add-ons to the basic guidelines for times when adhering to the basics has gone well.  The add-ons allow for greater flexibility with scheduling, communication, and ways to work together as parents.  We will define what flexible means for your co parenting team. Our goal is to create your personalized method for keeping co parenting on track, supporting your children, and for thriving. 

In addition to the Basic Guidelines and the Flexible guidelines, we develop Limited Guidelines which offer extra help for meeting the Basic Guidelines when these become difficult.  The Limited Guidelines are a way to slow down and re-group so that you can move back into the Basic Guidelines.

Together we use the three guideline tools to create your own combination of guidelines that will work for your family as the children grow older and as your needs as parents and children change.

I know from personal and professional family law and family psychology experience that even the most detailed parenting schedule can become difficult during times of family change and stressful situations.  Healthy co parenting is more than coping in a two home family.  You want to build a life and you want your children to thrive.

In working with parents in creating a parenting schedule, I draw upon my background as a developmental family psychologist and always include:

  • tips,
  • strategies,
  • ideas,
  • lists,
  • guidelines, and
  • checklists

that I have cultivated over decades of helping many different families in many different situations to thrive in co parenting families. To read more about the process I use in helping you develop a shared parenting plan and other issues regarding custody, Read More Here


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