Shared Parenting Plans

We Use Research Proven Strategies to Minimize the Damage from Divorce

Creating a Parenting Plan

ONE of the most complex and compelling issues confronting separating parents.

I Support You in  Creating Fruitful Communication & Empowered Decisions that Support a Healthy Family.

A Responsive, Intricately Tailored Shared Parenting Plan is Priceless.

Here’s why:

  • There are standards that apply to requests to modify current custody or visitation.
  • An initial custody arrangement will likely be made a court order.
  • While a court of competent jurisdiction can modify or vacate its prior decree until the child reaches age 18
  •  Requests are not taken lightly.
  • The initial custody arrangement sets the standard and  serves as a basis for future determinations.

Take Time to Work Through the Details

We Help You Address Present and Future needs of the children.

I do not practice law anymore. This is not legal advice. 

My Mission:

I am a psychologist dedicated to helping parents create shared parenting arrangements that provide stability and a strong foundation for recovery from divorce for parents and children and one that provides mechanisms to insure the healthy future development of all family members.

 Why is it so difficult to make a change in custody?

Courts follow these principals when determining whether or not to allow custody modifications:

  • A change in custody can be traumatic for a child and may undermine the stability and continuity a child has come to enjoy and need.
  • A change must clearly be in the child’s best interests.
  • A substantial change in circumstances must have occurred since the last custody determination that warrants the change.

Taking the time to engage in thoughtful shared parenting planning does not detract from the goal of a timely divorce process.

A thoughtfully crafted parenting plan can save time, heartache, and money both at the time of divorce and in the years to come. A thoughtfully crafted parenting plan contributes to a divorce that is responsive to the needs of all of the parties.

The details of a parenting plan can make all of the difference for parents and children and play a critical role in helping the parties to emerge from divorce happy and whole.