We learn so much listening to each other and sharing what we know to be true.

A Divorce Support Group, reconstructed to include divorce coaching, is a potent, heart-warming, success oriented format for making the divorce process less damaging, legally, financially, psychologically, and emotionally.


divorce support group

Divorce is difficult and lonely. Support is so needed and yet our long-standing personal support group may not be available to us. Friends of both parties may feel uncomfortable hearing the details of the divorce process or not want to appear to be partial to one side in the divorce. Family members who mean well, and want to help, are unable to understand why you are not taking their advice, simple that it is but which is not exactly tied to your reality. And, despite the fact that divorce is exceedingly common, we may feel shame and the stigma that still surrounds divorce. We need a judgment-free zone where we can get support.

What is perfect about adding the divorce coaching element to a traditional divorce support group is that the transition is a period during which we also benefit in taking a pragmatic perspective. Coaching within a divorce support group provides the opportunity to share concrete ways of maintaining a constructive focus, communicating for success, redefining roles, and creating an actionable plan for getting through the legal and emotional processes of divorce.

I am beginning the Spring series of my North Scottsdale, AZ divorce Coaching & Support Group on Monday, April 10, 2017. I plan to take note of the process as it unfolds so that I can share it with others who will undoubtedly find a need for such a group in their own communities.

What about you? Have you participated or led such a group? What worked or did not work for you? What did you like? What would you do differently? I would love to know about your experience. Do not hesitate to get in touch!