I love virtual coaching sessions both as a coach and as a client.

I meet with divorce coaching clients both in person and virtually. When working with clients outside of the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe area, the choice to meet virtually is a given. However, I offer virtual sessions to all of my clients regardless of where they live and am often met with quizzacle looks by those who live or work close by. Until my clients have tried a virtual session, they remain skeptical of the power of such an approach.

I have an amazing business coach, Erin Garcia, with whom I first experienced the beauty of on-line coaching. I have been a fan ever since! Before I tried it, however, I was as skeptical as my own clients are when I offer them the virtual option. Just as Erin predicted, just a few minutes into our virtual session, I felt like we were both in the very same room! I even got to say hello to her fluffy white poodle, Buddy.

People choose virtual sessions for a variety of reasons. Why?  Virtual sessions make coaching possible for very busy professionals, for those who believe in the work of a specific coach but do not live close enough to meet in person, for those who want to participate in group coaching with individuals from other locations, and for those who have difficulty arranging childcare.

I choose to meet with Erin virtually because it saves me driving time and makes my hour coaching session possible.  I am able to fit the session in between my own clients or over lunch rather than making a 3 hour commitment that includes driving to and from or forces me to scratch off the entire afternoon in order to get in a session or to skip lunch which leaves me ravenous the rest of the day!

Some of the reasons I believe virtual coaching is such a powerful medium.

Listening and questioning skills are enhanced.

In advance of virtual group and individual coaching sessions, I prime clients to listen on a few different levels by providing worksheets and tools they can use during the session. For instance, clients are given the time and space to note the impact of the topic of discussion and questions on themselves.

There is a clear focus on accountability.

During sessions, clients are often in the environment where they will be working on our action items and holding themselves accountable. Being in their own context inspires pragmatic and detailed solutions for how they will make accomplishments happen. Virtual coaching sessions help clients become skilled at helping themselves in their everyday lives.

Interesting and creative ways to share.

Interesting and creative ways to share goals, goal achievement, and success are available. You can show the product of your efforts or incorporate photos and other pictorials to share on line. There is so much you can share when you do not have to lug it in to your coach’s office for your meeting.

Trust and connection.

Trust and connection are built in the virtual meeting space where people can hear and see each other.

There is very little difference in sessions that are virtual versus in-person, except for the benefits listed above and opportunity for maximizing your availability.

In both contexts, coaching is about constructive change that makes a substantive difference in your life.


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