3 Steps to Transformation

Each one of us has 24/7 access to one of the most powerful tools for transformation. What is this tool?

It is our inner dialogue. Sounds too easy? Give it a try.

Once you make these 3 powerful steps a habit, you will easily accelerate your personal evolution by maximizing the harvesting of your own power and energy.

Integrating this 3 step habit for transformation is an early agenda item for my divorce coaching clients.  However, you do not have to be going through a divorce or even a tough time to benefit from this practice. In fact, this strategy strengthens your resolve and resillience “muscle” and making it a habit during the good times ensures you will forge forward rather than bounce back during tough transitions.


What are you talking about?

Start by picking 3 points in your day to check in with what you are telling yourself or to notice what you are mindlessly repeating.  Notice where you are, what you are doing, and what you are feeling emotionally (i.e. the context of your inner conversation). In a few weeks this task will become habit and your desire to progress and grow will lead to you automatically checking in this way during other parts of the day.


With curiosity, ask yourself, does what I hear myself saying to myself allign with my life purpose?

Yes? Fantastic.  This context facilitates you operationalizing goals toward achieving your life purpose.  It is important to become aware of these positive states and the impact they have on your life and sense of well being.

No? You are human! Nobody is thinking in allignment with their life purpose all of the time.  No worries. Perfection is not our goal.

Our goal is to increase the amount of daily alignment between thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and life purpose and to learn from the negative stuff so that we truly understand what fosters thinking, feeling, and behaving in ways that do and do not match our ultimate reason for living a full creative life on this planet.

Step 3

Have the most powerful mantra you know ready to sweep away the distraction.  Mine is:

Mine is: Tirelessly Observant, Serenely Free of Illusion, Deeply, Gloriously Compassionate.  I want to be as close to what this mantra means for me on the day I die as I can possibly be. That includes going out into the world and trying to limit the sufferring of others.

Your life purpose, whatever that is, is unbelievably  powerful and it has the power to change you and change the world in a way that gives your life meaning.

So, now, if you notice you need to reallign your energy and mind with your life purpose,  pull your galactic mantra from the soft layer just below your awareness where you were keeping it. Do not waist a second wondering why it does not just stay on the surface. One day it will.

Tony Robbins cheers that change happens in a moment. So true. But he also cheers that the preparation happens in all of the moments you connect with your most empowered inner self. 

Right now you are preparing for the most powerful transformation of your life.  Take your mantra and the prescious moment you have before you and repeat it to the rythym of your breath, which is the rhythm of your life.

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