Divorce is extremely challenging.

Decisions are numerous and time is often of the essence.



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When facing divorce, you want to feel certain that you handled your divorce with dignity and integrity.

When facing divorce, you want the structure and resources to gain a sense of control and confidence over your divorce.

When facing divorce, you want your children to adjust in the best way possible.

This is how divorce coaching will help:


Prepare you for each new step in the process.

You will have a road map of the legal and emotional processes.  You will know what to expect and when.

Know your options regarding separation, property distribution, and parenting planning.

You will be supported in working through your options.

Give you back the decision making power for your family.

Instead of the courts making decisions for you and your family, you will be empowered to work through issues and make decisions for your family as a family.

Feeling heard and supported.

You do not have to do this all on your own.

Find the right legal and/or financial representation.

Each divorce is unique. Your legal representation should reflect and be responsive to your unique needs.

Save you money by working through issues that don’t require an attorney.

Working together we can make the process you go through more efficient, less heart wrenching, and less costly.

Meetings, whether in person or online, are a safe haven

You can openly discuss your feelings, fears, and concerns. Your coach is a listening and thinking partner.

Offer communication guidance that assures you remain credible.

You will learn communication strategies to reduce conflict while still achieving your most important goals.

Manage the maze of paperwork that divorce requires.

A coach can help you collect and prepare the evidence you need to prove to the court that you are entitled to the relief you are seeking.

Create strategies that enable you to respond to provocation with integrity.

You will learn mindfulness techniques that will be of benefit to you long after the divorce is final.

Lessen the impact of divorce on your children.

Parental coaching can ease the transition to shared parenting and help you and your children adjust to your new schedule.