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I'm Dr. Jodi Peary

Each day the world begins again, offering a fresh opportunity to embrace all that is uniquely you. I will help you break free from the ties holding you back and guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. See yourself stepping into your power and purpose.

about me


My holistic work is grounded in evidenced based psychology practices, inspired by the science of neuroplasticity and quantum energy, informed by my experiences as a psychologist, a lawyer, and an intuitive, rooted in healing relationally, and deems essential  recognizing and honoring your spiritual self.

main offering


main offering

Is it finally time?

Time to gain clarity and reclaim your vision for the brightest future?

You can see yourself stepping forward as your most authentic self,

owning your sacred space within, separating yourself from toxic relationships,

listening to your heart, and

reigniting your inherent power?

You've come to the right place.

Articles to Support Transformation Articles to Support Transformation
Articles, Guidance, Motivation


Articles and tools to guide you in connecting with every layer of the authentic magnificent you.

Overcome The Oppression of Perfectionism

Sometimes I Feel Too Much, Other times I Feel Numb

The Heartache of Over Identification or Disconnection From Our Bodies

Therapeutic Coaching
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Therapeutic Coaching 01

Connect with your authentic self, tune into your mind-body-soul connection at the deepest level, reduce stress, redefine your relational self and boundaries, clear unprocessed emotions,and recognize and enhance your intuition...because it’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

Therapeutic Coaching includes evidence-based psychology methods, quantum healing, energy work, tools for expansion of intuition, processes for creating healthy relationships, and for spiritual revitalization

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy 02

Use the treasure chest of your subconscious to quickly make desired changes to improve your life. Hypnotherapy is a powerful, safe, natural therapy to focus your subconscious mind and use its power to positively influence and direct your thoughts and behaviors.

Hypnotherapy will help you find love, set boundaries, change habits, master success, increase self-esteem, enhance intuition, and heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Jodi really listens, she saw me and I felt she understood me deeply

I gained so much confidence in myself and clarity on what I wanted my life to be like in our sessions. I had a tough past that I processed but never healed from. Jodi helped me to heal from the things in my past and that took away a lot of the stress I was experiencing still  and on a daily basis. I feel so at peace now and have so much more energy and I am actually really looking forward to the future.


Jodi did more than listen and teach me, she held space for me

I did therapeutic coaching and hypnotherapy with Jodi. She always says, "You are the expert on you!" I guess I had forgotten that. I was able to reconnect with my intuition and my spirit in our work together.


There comes a time when you have to put yourself first

I always did everything for everyone. I am always the super competent one, in my work and in my personal life. That was on the outside. On the inside I was filled with fear and panic. Working with Jodi I learned to care for all of the different parts of my self and to put necessary boundaries in place.  My self-worth is no longer attached to what I accomplish but to who I am as a human being.


I never thought I would find love again

Jodi helped me through a brutal divorce. From the beginning of thinking my life was in shatters, to finding a new place, to the craziness of trying to coparent with someone I didn't think I could ever talk to again, through it all Jodi was there for me. When it came to  starting to date, I was convinced that would never work out. That's when we really tuned into developing my self-esteem. I met someone recently but mostly I found myself again.

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