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Healing Hypnotherapy

Revolutionary findings in neuroscience have demonstrated that we can literally re-architect the very structure of our brains. In fact, we can even rewire our neurology to minimize pain, change habits, and become more focused, calmer, and happier.

Dr. Jodi Peary will teach you the most powerful science-based clinical hypnotherapy practices for increasing the neural pathways of peace, joy, motivation and well-being. She’ll explain basic brain science, learn of the changes you seek to make and the blocks holding you back, provide hypnotherapy using a script written to align with you and your beliefs and offer a clear roadmap for maintaining all of your healthy changes. Be prepared for unexpected transformation and delight.

What is Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapy?

I am delighted to share more with you!

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool of relaxation, focus, and healing.

It is a powerful time to reexamine how we live our daily lives. Within your typical day, is there anything you are  doing that does not serve your higher purpose? Have you have wanted to release what no longer serves you but have found the patterns too deeply ingrained?

You are not alone. We all hold many of our patterns in our subconscious mind, an area that is not typically readily available to the conscious mind. One of the most powerful aspects of hypnosis is it's ability to give you access to your sub or unconscious thought patterns and to transform them. This in turn also transforms your behavior and your reality. Understanding the mind-body connection is at the very root of creating the future you so desire.

"Your thoughts are far more powerful than you have ever imagined them to be. They are the starting point of all change, and so the source of all change is within you. You have the power to change conditions inside your body, and you have the power to change those outside it. At times you may find that you are not able to change circumstances, but you nevertheless have a unique opportunity—to change yourself. Sometimes that’s the whole point! And as you change yourself, the effects of the “new you” vibrate throughout the entire world, making it a better place. " David R. Hamilton, Ph.D.


Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Healing Bundle

5 Beyond Luxurious 60-minute Sessions of Hypnotherapy for Deep Healing to every layer of your being. 

Hypnosis draws you into a relaxed state of deep awareness allowing for astounding changes in line with your intentions in a short period of time.

Each session is based upon an original script created just for you. The five sessions can be on one topic or up to 5 topics. (To be most effective we only use one subject per session). Each session is recorded so that you can listen to it on your own as often as you would like.

In each hypnotherapy you will be guided toward a deeper understanding of your emotional, psychological or physical problems and to changing the mental processes keeping them in place.

Hypnotherapy is also very valuable for enhancing spiritual insights.

When your conscious and subconscious mind work together, the outcome is powerful.


Clinical Hypnotherapy Healing Session

One 90-Minute One-to-One Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Session, via Zoom with Dr. Jodi Peary, for healing habits, fears, and troubles while in a relaxed state of awareness.

What’s included:

After signing up, you will receive an email asking you to share a bit about your particular situation, problem, habit, desire or goal. You and Jodi will discuss your answers at your appointment and she will craft an original script designed just for you. You will then be led through the hypnotherapy session. Afterward there will be time to process your experience with Jodi and discuss next steps. She will forward you a recording of your session to listen to as much as you would like on your own. 


I passed the bar exam!

I was over the top stressed about taking the bar exam. Our first session vastly minimized the stress I was feeling. In our second session we tuned into my confidence and trusting myself. The third session was deep relaxation and visualization for manifesting the life I want to live once I passed the exam. This session was really motivating. All together I passed with flying colors and I don't think I could have done it without the hypnotherapy sessions or even if I could it would have been under a lot of stress.


Therapeutic Coaching got me through my divorce and into my new life.

The only thing that comes close to being married to a narcissist in terms of terrible is going through a divorce with one. Jodi used to be an attorney so she new what I was going through. Practically, she helped me to get through all the legal process stuff but more importantly she helped me find my voice again. I thought I lost my self in my 35 year marriage but really I had just melted into the background to avoid conflict. Now I have found myself again.