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Each one is a journey toward a life that you love and a self that you cherish.


Therapeutic Coaching Journey

The Therapeutic Coaching Journey includes (6) 90-minute one-to-one life transforming zoom sessions with Dr. Jodi Peary. Each will be recorded so you can have them to work with forever.

We travel together along a journey of self discovery, healing, and transformation. Sessions include evidence-based psychology practices, quantum energetic healing, specifically crafted hypnotherapy, and intuitive readings and development, all created to be in alignment with your values and beliefs. 

I  hold unrelenting curiosity for you and for the remarkable changes that are possible. You will be inspired by the science, moved by the energy, and transformed by the experience.

You will overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from taking meaningful steps forward and encounter the authentic and powerful self within you. 

If this heart, energy, and soul work resonates with you, therapeutic coaching is for you.


Therapeutic Coaching Day Trip

Day 1 of your journey of self-discovery and transformation. One 90-minute one-to-one zoom session with Dr. Jodi Peary.

Begin to connect with your authentic self, call in who you wish to become, hear your inner guidance and open your heart to the infinite possibilities you hold within.

Just thinking about it, don't you feel your heart beat faster?

Your session is a beginning of the process to consciously generate and cultivate a clear image of what a fulfilling future of your own choosing looks like. You will create a plan for prioritizing your physical needs, identifying emotional blocks, analyzing thinking patterns, connecting with your intuition, assessing your relational self, and determining areas to prioritize for healing.


Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Healing Bundle

5 Beyond Luxurious 60-minute Sessions of Hypnotherapy for Deep Healing to every layer of your being. 

Hypnosis draws you into a relaxed state of deep awareness allowing for astounding changes in line with your intentions in a short period of time.

Each session is based upon an original script created just for you. The five sessions can be on one topic or up to 5 topics. (To be most effective we only use one subject per session). Each session is recorded so that you can listen to it on your own as often as you would like.

In each hypnotherapy you will be guided toward a deeper understanding of your emotional, psychological or physical problems and to changing the mental processes keeping them in place.

Hypnotherapy is also very valuable for enhancing spiritual insights.

When your conscious and subconscious mind work together, the outcome is powerful.


Clinical Hypnotherapy Healing Session

One 90-Minute One-to-One Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Session, via Zoom with Dr. Jodi Peary, for healing habits, fears, and troubles while in a relaxed state of awareness.

What’s included:

After signing up, you will receive an email asking you to share a bit about your particular situation, problem, habit, desire or goal. You and Jodi will discuss your answers at your appointment and she will craft an original script designed just for you. You will then be led through the hypnotherapy session. Afterward there will be time to process your experience with Jodi and discuss next steps. She will forward you a recording of your session to listen to as much as you would like on your own. 


I passed the bar exam!

I was over the top stressed about taking the bar exam. Our first session vastly minimized the stress I was feeling. In our second session we tuned into my confidence and trusting myself. The third session was deep relaxation and visualization for manifesting the life I want to live once I passed the exam. This session was really motivating. All together I passed with flying colors and I don't think I could have done it without the hypnotherapy sessions or even if I could it would have been under a lot of stress.


Therapeutic Coaching got me through my divorce and into my new life.

The only thing that comes close to being married to a narcissist in terms of terrible is going through a divorce with one. Jodi used to be an attorney so she new what I was going through. Practically, she helped me to get through all the legal process stuff but more importantly she helped me find my voice again. I thought I lost my self in my 35 year marriage but really I had just melted into the background to avoid conflict. Now I have found myself again.