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An Easy To Understand Definition of Child-Centered Divorce

What is a child-centered divorce?  A simple question often followed by a very long, difficult to understand answer.

An Easy To Understand Definition of Child-Centered Divorce:

A divorce in which parents create an environment where both parents and lawyers respect the decision to place the children’s emotional and physical needs at the forefront of their minds when making decisions related to separation or divorce.

If we are honest, child-centered divorce is often what we say we want at the beginning of the divorce process and what we continue to want in our hearts throughout the process but what we are deathly afraid that to do because we think it means our soon to be ex will take us to the proverbial cleaners or leave us destitute.

Guess what?  A child centered approach actually helps us to find resolutions where both parents can live separately and yet live a good life together with their children.

To read my post about why a child-centered divorce makes good economic sense click here.

 Making the decision to engage in a child-centered divorce also creates a foundation for healthy coparenting. It saves the possibility of engaging in the model I created, Enlightened CoParenting™.Enlightened CoParenting™ is possible after a child-centered divorce because this form of civilized divorce process preserves rather than destroys the family and holds, rather than crumbles, the respect we have for the other party as the parent of our child. Read more about Enlightened CoParenting.

Is it easy to do? No. Is a brutal divorce easy to do? No. Choose wisely.




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