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Soul Journaling Questions for Self Excavation and Growth

It is a great burden to try to meet the world's
expectations of who one is supposed to be.
Instead, be true to yourself.
Let the Divine spark within you
define who you are.

You have said a resounding "NO!" to living life on autopilot!

Journey journaling is soul journaling. It asks us to take the long view of your life, both forward and back to meet at the present day. It asks us not just to see with memory but also with vivid imagination.

My Long Road to Today

How far have I come in my life?

Choose a segment of your journey or begin at your beginning. See the line of your life across the map of your existence. Be observant and honest,  honest with yourself. You won't lose ground by looking back and really seeing just how far you have come.
Do you discount your achievements?

Do you give the credit to others?

How far have you come because of YOU?

Remember who you are and what you are already capable of!

Take time to define success on your terms. This is your soul journey and success will reflect the values you hold deeply.

What is my vision for my life, and what does success look like for me?

Have you defined success based upon the expectations of others?  When you’re quiet and listen to your inner voice, what do YOU most want to be, do, and have?
Describe with vivid details, color, movement, size, shape your vision of success.

What does your heart long for?

Remember, self-discovery is a foundation for inner peace.

What would feel most meaningful to me in this next phase of my life?

Write with intention.

Where am I holding back?

What element of my vision am I afraid of actualizing?

Where do I need to gain clarity?
How do I get in the way of my own success?  

What habits hold me back?

Identify fears and habits in writing and notice how it removes some of their power.

Imagine going to the place that scares you, the scary element of success. Can you imagine making this change? Write down what you see in your minds eye. How do you feel?  What might open up for you?

What is the biggest, most exciting possibility I have before me right

Don't hold back in your imagining! You have options, roads to take or pass by, as well as opportunities. What is true for you today? What might be true for you tomorrow?

Who we are is ever expanding. You can expand in ways you never imagined in the past if you allow yourself to imagine now.

What is one farfetched but positive possibility? Notice the beautiful clues your soul offers! If you could name this amazing farfetched possibility what would you call it? Write it down. Sit with it. Return to it in your future journaling.

What one step in the direction of my dreams that I commit to taking today? With action you expand your higher consciousness while being grounded in reality. The lucky charm is in your taking that step.  The grounding is also in your taking that next step. Give yourself 24 hours to take this step and give yourself the feeling of movement toward your dreams. You deserve to achieve your dreams.

Today offers a chance to redefine your life to be in alignment with who you are today and who you envision being.

You are hard-wired to be self-connected.  You need only open the inner door to access to the creative part of you. Self-connection is a game changer. To find out more about how I can help you make this essential connection, read more here.

Our human spirits grow stronger and vibrant with age.

Get started with your own soul journey today. Use this Journal, my gift to you, to create a bridge between your conscious self and your higher self.



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