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How About A Toxic Thinking Wipe Out?

It's the New Year.  I know, we have been hearing it and saying if for almost two weeks, but I can't stop saying it but if you let me get away with it just one more time here, I promise I will stop saying it. 


I have to be honest. Many of the changes in 2021 will come from external factors, i.e. a vaccine, weather conditions, the economy  etc.. 


However,and this is a BIG however, the most potent changes will come from changes in our thinking.  


So amazing right?  Right!  A thing that you can work with totally on your own will make extraordinary, awesome, and welcome change in your life. 

Guess what? It will also influence positive change in the lives of others. Efficient positive change spreading. Like the smoothest peanut butter. Gotta love that. Love it on what? A bagel, 28 grain bread, fluffy white? 


Our parents, grandparents, teachers, talk show hosts, they all say the same thing: 


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