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15 Steps to Creating Sacred Space For Intuitive Awakening

One of my teachers, Sonia Choquette, taught me this practice in a small group I am a part of.  I use it myself daily and find it to be an essential step in moving toward more equanimity and less reactivity as well as providing a place to access my intuition.


Creating your Sacred Cube of Space: Your Room to Breathe

If you want to live a more intuitively guided life, you must give yourself room to breathe.The room to breathe or cube of space is yours alone and extends about 3 feet around you in all directions.

You do not want to lock people out however, because those around you are part of the energy you are reading. The Sacred Cube of Space gives you room to breathe but doesn’t lock people out.

Similarly, if you want to thrive in your intuitively guided life, you are going to need healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries give you space to be your authentic self. Healthy boundaries enable healthy relationships.

This cube of space is a practice.

In the cube of space we can be more responsive and less reactive to others. Once we have determined that we are responding rather than reacting, we must go one step further to make sure that we are responding to other people without projection, enmeshment and/or codependency. The cube of space facilitates this tone of responsiveness.

As you move into living more and more intuitively, your awareness is expanded. This can become overwhelming. Creating a room to breathe or cube of space enables a measured approach to receiving intuitive information so that you do not become overwhelmed with the sensory information coming your way.

Creating your cube of space or room to breathe each day trains your ego to be quiet, helpful, and in time  less reactive and triggered.

In this essential practice of creating a clear energetic space you will quiet your mind and ego and open your heart and mind enabling you to observe, listen, and receive energy.


You are opening your heart and getting into a place where you
can observe, listen and receive energy.


To access a portal of higher, divine support we must come into a place where we can observe, listen, and receive energy without opinions, attitudes, and judgments, so we may assess what is going on around us. 

Steps to Create Your Sacred Cube of Space or Room to Breathe

 1. Select a quiet space. If you can find one that you can make your own and return to regularly, you will aid your mind, soul, and heart in coming into a place of working together. The repetition and ritual is comforting to the mind and quiets the ego.

2. Place your feet flat on the floor. Look around your place. Come into the present moment.

3. Take note of whether you feel safe and settled. Is your ego quieted?

4. Look around your space and try to notice something you have never taken note of or really seen before, thereby anchoring your presence even further.

5. Take 4 slow deep breaths filling your entire belly with your breath. On the exhalation, pull your navel to your spine and empty everything you are holding onto.

6. Now imagine drawing your breath in from your feet all the way up to your heart. Feel your heart opening and your frequency elevating.

7. Continuing with the breath, open and relax your jaw. Relax your neck. Open the energetic channel from your throat to your solar plexus. Have you been silenced in your life? Open that inner channel to self expression.

8. Draw a breath from your feet all the way up through your body to the crown of your head and on the exhalation release every bit of breath and everything you are holding onto with a loud exhalation.

9. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly.

10. With each breath see a gorgeous white light in your heart space expanding in all directions.

11. Scan your body and release any discomfort.

12. Intentionally move into a listening frame of mind. Know that you are hardwired to hear and read energy and life.

13. Practice listening with your whole body. Listen with your ears as well as listen for energy. Assess the atmosphere around you.

14. Pay very close attention to how the energy feels outside your cube of space as well as how your energy feels in your cube of space. Are you experiencing calmness or dissonance? Peace or agitation?

15. Begin your reading of what is so for yourself as a listening activity. Your mind is quiet. Your heart is open. Your spirit is present. Take in information energetically from a neutral, objective space. Hold aside any judgments or opinions. Just listen to what is.

You are hard-wired to be self-connected.  You need only open the inner door to access to the creative part of you. Self-connection is a game changer. To find out more about how I can help you make this essential connection, read more here.




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