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15 Steps to Creating Sacred Space For Intuitive Awakening

One of my teachers, Sonia Choquette, taught me this practice in a small group I am a part of.  I use it myself daily and find it to be an essential step in moving toward more equanimity and less reactivity as well as providing a place to access my intuition.


Creating your Sacred Cube of Space: Your Room to Breathe

If you want to live a more intuitively guided life, you must give yourself room to breathe.The room to breathe or cube of space is yours alone and extends about 3 feet around you in all directions.

You do not want to lock people out however, because those around you are part of the energy you are reading. The Sacred Cube of Space gives you room to breathe but doesn’t lock people out.

Similarly, if you want to thrive in your intuitively guided life, you are going to need healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries give you space to be your authentic self. Healthy boundaries enable healthy relationships.

This cube of space is a practice.

In the cube of space we...

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