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4 Questions to Connect With Your Higher Self

One of the most fundamental ways to practice self-love is to take time to intentionally connect with your higher self and spirit. You may be carrying a vague sense of your spirit but that will not be enough to support a real knowing that is necessary to develop a relationship where both you and your spirit feel alive in this life.





Our highest self lives and breathes in our lives when we are filled with the joy of experiencing life. Examples such as walking along the beach and turning to see a flock of sea birds descending, rolling around on the floor with your puppies, spending time in the garden, swimming beneath the surface of the sea, feeling giddy about the upcoming week-end, pausing to watch a gorgeous sunset, these are a few examples of our spirits coming forward and being captured by the beauty of life.


To connect with your spirit or highest self, ask your self,

"What do I love?" 

"When am I loving?"

"When do I feel most alive?"

"When am I totally relaxed and feeling fulfilled?"


Once you grab this glimpse of your spirit, grab a pen and paper and describe your spirit in more detail.  Tune into what feeds your spirit throughout your day.

Set an intention to practice doing at least one thing a day that expresses your spirit.

You are hard-wired to be self-connected.  You need only open the inner door to access to the creative part of you. Self-connection is a game changer. To find out more about how I can help you make this essential connection, read more here.


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