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The Heartache of Over Identification or Disconnection From Our Bodies

Reestablishing a strong connection with your physical body is an essential component of experiencing connection to your whole self.

In a prior article on self-connection, I take a holistic approach to self-connection encouraging you to assess the connection you have with all parts of your self, your physical self, emotional self, mental self, relational self, and intuitive self.


The Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intuitive, and Relational Selves.

Well being arises when we experience balance amongst the parts of ourselves. This balance in awareness and attention contributes to an optimal connection with the self.

Sadly, in our fast paced overly demanding society most of us do not experience balance in self-connection. We have some parts of the self that we over-identify with and other parts of the self that we are disconnected from. Well-being or the lack of well-being in one area of the self will lead to imbalances in the other areas of self, even to those parts of the self...

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Turn Inward and Discover What’s Most Central, a Core Belief Exercise


Are you interested in discovering more about your authentic self?

Here’s a Belief Journaling Exercise to turn inward and discover what’s most central.  This belief exercise is powerful because our beliefs often drive how we think, feel, and behave.


Our beliefs often mirror our thought patterns. Much of the scaffolding of our lives is built on what we think about ourselves, others, and the world.  When we seek to gain more clarity about our viewpoints, we develop more agency over our reactions and behaviors. Thus, we can make more thoughtful, purposeful choices.




Your beliefs may have origins in your culture, the location where you were born or live, religion, spirituality, your lived experience, or your deepest desires.

The Many Types of Core Beliefs

  • Self-related core beliefs such as, "I deserve to live a good life."  or  "I am resilient and can handle life's challenges."
  • Other related core...
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How We Can Come To Love Ourselves


The refrain "Love Yourself" chimes over us from so many different directions. Two words that may evoke a sense of bewilderment.

We may ask ourselves, "Really? Just how to go about that?"

The act of loving the self does not feel like something that arises intuitively from within us. This is sad because how to love the self is knowledge we are born with. This knowledge has been long forgotten due to the fact that when we were very young we were taught and learned all too well how to suppress showing love for the self. We were socialized by our parents, family, teachers and society to show love and caring for others and taught that any showing of love to the self was selfish. Choosing to focus on our own well-being was deemed egotistical or even narcissistic. We were shamed for doing the thing most necessary for our well-being.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dear friend, without all of that prior conditioning you would intuitively know how to love the beautiful self...

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Self-Connection To Sky-Rocket Well-Being

Imagine becoming fully connected with all that you are on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational level and the creator of a life that reflects all that you are and all that you can be.


Self-connection is your subjective experience of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-alignment, and the self connection with the intangible self.


The way you perceive your inner experience including your thoughts, feelings, preferences, emotions, sensations, resources and intuition.


Being open toward yourself and acknowledging without judgement who you are.


Authentically reflecting your internal experiences, preferences, resources, and intuition.


Connection with INTANGIBLE SELF

Our connection with our intangible, unchanging, energetic presence that exists beyond how we identify at any one time.

When experiencing all of these connections we are fully conscious of our selves culminating in the...

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4 Questions to Connect With Your Higher Self

One of the most fundamental ways to practice self-love is to take time to intentionally connect with your higher self and spirit. You may be carrying a vague sense of your spirit but that will not be enough to support a real knowing that is necessary to develop a relationship where both you and your spirit feel alive in this life.





Our highest self lives and breathes in our lives when we are filled with the joy of experiencing life. Examples such as walking along the beach and turning to see a flock of sea birds descending, rolling around on the floor with your puppies, spending time in the garden, swimming beneath the surface of the sea, feeling giddy about the upcoming week-end, pausing to watch a gorgeous sunset, these are a few examples of our spirits coming forward and being captured by the beauty of life.


To connect with your spirit or highest self, ask your self,

"What do I love?" 


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You Are Worthy

Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances


Are you experiencing a struggle? Does it feel like as soon as one struggle is resolved, another arises?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and frustrated ?

Do you wish your life had greater meaning? 

You can enjoy the meaningful life you deserve.


What you know but may be afraid to acknowledge:

Success is available to you despite challenging circumstances.


Your self-worth is not defined by your circumstances.

 What is holding you back?

Take some time today to question the beliefs you hold that limit your potential.

Challenging circumstances can feel like walls that are impossible to climb.

Consider a fresh perspective.

Within you is everything you need to thrive and excel.

The more you question the validity of your limiting beliefs, the more success you'll experience in your life.

Think of a circumstance in your life that you believe is preventing you from something you want. Write it down,...

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The Barely Noticeable Erosion of Sense of Self

During and right after divorce, feelings of loneliness and emptiness surround. The emptiness is the result of The Barely Noticeable Erosion of Sense of Self that occurs when we have been the codependent partner in a marriage.

Divorce tries to convince us that we are alone and trapped in a darkness that will never lift. We need to speak back, "You are wrong."

We can connect with ourselves and with others going through a similar experience and begin our healing journey.


Emerging from the marriage, we are left looking for the moment when all of this withering away of self started.  We sense that knowing when all of this began will allow us to travel back in time, recoup, and move forward again; this time whole. 

I do not believe pin pointing that exact moment is necessary.  It is this moment, the one we are in right now, that holds the answers we are looking for.

If we can stand tall, right in this moment, as much as we may wish to lie down and never get up,...

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Waking Up To The Relationship Patterns that Serve You No Longer

"One of the hardest parts of healing from past relationships, is learning to trust ourselves again."

When we subconsciously play out patterns in adult relationships that we learned from growing up in our families of origin, subconsciously hoping to heal the pain from those early days, and these adult relationships have led to heartbreak and pain - it makes us afraid to trust ourselves again.

Do you remember the last time you felt certain that you were doing what was best for you?

After a painful break-up we have an enormous opportunity to dive deeper into connection with our authentic selves  and regain trust in ourselves. 

How can we learn to trust ourselves again?

Through forgiveness and self-compassion.

Remember that every path you’ve walked, every choice you’ve made has provided you lessons that you can now use here, now, today!

The amazing fact that you notice your doubt in yourself means you are in the process of waking up to the patterns that are no...

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Togetherness’ is both an objective experience and a psychological one.

"It’s important to remember that ‘togetherness’ is both an objective experience and a psychological one.” Gregory Walton

Making sense of our feelings when we are experiencing loneliness is not easy. Mindfulness about what our feelings of loneliness are rooted in shifts the way we make sense of things. We realize that opening our minds to a new perspective on what we are experiencing can qualitatively change our sense of self, others, and the social situations in which we find ourselves.

Physically together and psychologically together are distinct things. You can be with others physically yet feel lonely. You can also be physically separated yet still feel connected. Even if you are each alone, you both know that you are in each other’s thoughts. That sense of connection is something we have the ability to cultivate intentionally. 

If you are feeling lonely, you certainly are not alone in that experience. With the pandemic raging across our...

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