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5 Easy Yet Intentional Steps to Manifest Your Dream Life

Sometimes what we need most is some time spent dreaming about the life we want to manifest for ourselves and the people we love.
In divorce coaching, we do tons of strategizing and planning. Legal strategizing & financial strategizing are just two of the many issues upon which we bring critical mapping.

But not all of our time together is spent this way.

Many clients ask me, with some skepticism, fear, and optimism, "What will my new life look like?"
Don't just dream about the life you want to live. Make it happen. Here is how!
 Asking that question ("What will my new life look like?") is the very first significant step to making your new life happen.The first step.  Maybe the hardest step but one of the most powerful steps you will take in your life.

The recipe for manifesting your dream life is not complicated.

It is 5 steps, but each of these 5 steps require your intention and focus.

Get your Free Manifestation Journal and then jump into the 5 steps with confidence, clarity, and optimism.

1. Vision

You need a vision of what you want your life to be like. Start by imagining you don't have any restrictions.  If you did not have any constraints, what would your life look like? What would relationships look like?

2. Mindset

Combine your vision with mindset. Bring focus and clarity to your vision.  Are there any beliefs  that don't serve you that could get in the way of your focused attention to your goals?  

3. Belief

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Take that no holds barred vision and notice if elements are conflicting.  Bring your heart and mind to take measure of your vision. What do you most believe in?  What allows you to live in line with your core values? What makes your heart beat faster?  What gives your life meaning and purpose?

4. Claim What Is Yours

You are entitled to all of the beauty, peace, and abundance in the universe.

5. Mantra

Repetition, practice, and intention. 
What rings true for you?
What does your spirit need to hear?
I am lovable!
I am worthy!
I am generous!
I deserve a good life!
You have an essential vision that needs to be manifested.

I want to help you make that happen !

Get the essential free tool for manifesting your dream life:

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Today is a good day
to turn your thoughts back
to the dreams
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