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The Easy to Apply System for Making All of Your Wishes Come True


If we have been badly disappointed by people or circumstances in the past, we may resist forming and following through to realize our dreams.  Minimizing our goals can feel like minimizing change or future disappointment, when in reality it gives us a false sense of control over our circumstances.

That we will all experience disappointment is a fact life. That we all have purpose and potential is also a fact of life.

Inhale...take a deep cleansing breath...exhale any and all resistance....now....What do you wish for?

Make sure your wish is something that you can actually fulfill but will also find challenging.


Your wish can originate from any area of your life: professional, family, personal, relational, spiritual, health, or emotional. Don't judge just write.

Review what you have written.


How can you articulate your wish in 6 words or less?

Write your wish down in your six or less word format. 

Say your wish out loud.

Look in the mirror and repeat your wish.




Now we are going to get into the logistics of fulfilling your wish. 

What's the time frame for fulfilling your wish?  Think it through. Be realistic. Make sure you are facing your task without illusions.

The nature of illusion is that it's purpose and value to you is to make you feel good. But if the illusion is keeping you from successfully meeting your goals, it will actually be the basis for greater pain.

We have a hard time giving up illusions because we don't want to lose the feeling they give us. For instance, we may have the illusion that our goal will be accomplished quickly or easily rather than realistically contemplating the effort and time the process will take. In the moment, the thought of completing the goal quickly and with little inconvenience feels good. We are motivated to get started. That motivation will not remain as the reality of the tasks at hand become unavoidable. Discipline is more reliable than motivation.


Close your eyes and imagine every single detail of your wish coming true.  How does fulfilling your wish make you feel? Imagine the outcomes that will arise as a result of your wish coming true. What is the best outcome that might arise as a result of your wish coming true?


Is there something internal, within you, a thought or an action that could keep you from fulfilling your wish? It is important to visualize your process for achieving your goal in great detail so that you can envision potential obstacles.

What is one action you can take or thought you can think to overcome the obstacle?


That's the system. Give it a go. Let me know what you wish for and your experience in using this system. I am routing for you every step of the way!



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