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Precisely How You Can Redraft the Blueprint of Your Life.


Healing involves awakening the natural self-organizing processes embedded in our DNA. With knowledge of these processes and awareness of our conscious and subconscious mental activity we can redraft the blueprints of our lives.

In two prior articles in this series on Epigenetics, I explain how our perceptions influence our biology.

The first article in this Epigenetic series,  Epigenetics: How Our Perceptions Change Our Biology, I explain what Epigenetics is and the process of epigenetics. That article will give you an understanding of why our hereditary gene activity is not determined by the gene itself, but rather by the environment for the cell in which the gene exists. You will also come to see how the environment and perceptions of the environment are within your control and that you can use your ability to change the environment and your perceptions of the environment to change the activity of our genes.

In the second article in the Epigenetic series, What's Love...

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The Easy to Apply System for Making All of Your Wishes Come True


If we have been badly disappointed by people or circumstances in the past, we may resist forming and following through to realize our dreams.  Minimizing our goals can feel like minimizing change or future disappointment, when in reality it gives us a false sense of control over our circumstances.

That we will all experience disappointment is a fact life. That we all have purpose and potential is also a fact of life.

Inhale...take a deep cleansing breath...exhale any and all resistance....now....What do you wish for?

Make sure your wish is something that you can actually fulfill but will also find challenging.


Your wish can originate from any area of your life: professional, family, personal, relational, spiritual, health, or emotional. Don't judge just write.

Review what you have written.


How can you articulate your wish in 6 words or less?

Write your wish down in your six or less word format. 


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