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Precisely How You Can Redraft the Blueprint of Your Life.


Healing involves awakening the natural self-organizing processes embedded in our DNA. With knowledge of these processes and awareness of our conscious and subconscious mental activity we can redraft the blueprints of our lives.

In two prior articles in this series on Epigenetics, I explain how our perceptions influence our biology.

The first article in this Epigenetic series,  Epigenetics: How Our Perceptions Change Our Biology, I explain what Epigenetics is and the process of epigenetics. That article will give you an understanding of why our hereditary gene activity is not determined by the gene itself, but rather by the environment for the cell in which the gene exists. You will also come to see how the environment and perceptions of the environment are within your control and that you can use your ability to change the environment and your perceptions of the environment to change the activity of our genes.

In the second article in the Epigenetic series, What's Love...

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Igniting Positive Transformation


Self-inquiry is the capacity to expose unexamined beliefs, thoughts, and stories that create unnecessary suffering for ourselves. Self-inquiry reveals the eternal truth of who you are. Getting to your truth can be a wonderful adventure. All you need to do to get started is to be curious, curious about you!

Have you been trying to make a change in your life but can't seem to break out of the rut of habitual behavior?


Get curious.

Create a bridge between your conscious self and your higher self.

When was the last time you communicated with your subconscious mind?

When was the last time you communicated with your spirit or soul?

It is important to communicate with both to hear the messages and determine if they are in alignment.



Life can be extremely demanding, chaotic and fast paced. Moving at break neck speed without pausing creates white noise within our selves, white noise that is masking our internal voice.

The voice of our spirits is even more...

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Meditation and hypnosis are not the same thing, although there is overlap and they are related. The similarities include: a focused state of awareness and feelings of relaxation in the mind and body.

The primary difference is that hypnosis includes a hypnotic suggestion. The hypnotic suggestion is something specific that you want in your life. A desire or goal you hope to achieve. For example, a hypnotic suggestion for this course would be "at the end of the day, you easily relax and unwind just by listening to this recording." The hypnotic suggestion is an intention that is expressed in a variety of ways during the hypnosis session including verbally, through imagery, and other sensory experiences.

Meditation, in comparison, does not include a hypnotic suggestion. The intent is primarily to clear the mind or focus the mind.

Both are highly valuable and restorative states of mind.

Hypnosis fits into the process by enabling you to...

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Two Step

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