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What It Means and Why It Is Essential To Be Self-Connected


It has long been known and accepted that close relationships with others is an important component of well-being.  In contrast, “knowing oneself” and the relationship we have with ourselves has only recently been the subject of research and general knowledge.

Regarding our awareness of self-connection, nowadays, self-connection is touted on social media.  We are bombarded with images of a person holding steadily to a broad grin. But what does it really mean to be self-connected, how  does one become self-connected, and how does gaining self-connection influence feelings of well-being?  

People differ in the extent to which they tend to experience self-connection.

Self-connection is defined in the psychological research and in research on connection theory in particular as consisting of three parts:

  • an awareness of oneself,
  • an acceptance of oneself based on this awareness,
  • and an alignment of one’s behavior with this awareness.



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How We Can Come To Love Ourselves


The refrain "Love Yourself" chimes over us from so many different directions. Two words that may evoke a sense of bewilderment.

We may ask ourselves, "Really? Just how to go about that?"

The act of loving the self does not feel like something that arises intuitively from within us. This is sad because how to love the self is knowledge we are born with. This knowledge has been long forgotten due to the fact that when we were very young we were taught and learned all too well how to suppress showing love for the self. We were socialized by our parents, family, teachers and society to show love and caring for others and taught that any showing of love to the self was selfish. Choosing to focus on our own well-being was deemed egotistical or even narcissistic. We were shamed for doing the thing most necessary for our well-being.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dear friend, without all of that prior conditioning you would intuitively know how to love the beautiful self...

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Self-Connection To Sky-Rocket Well-Being

Imagine becoming fully connected with all that you are on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational level and the creator of a life that reflects all that you are and all that you can be.


Self-connection is your subjective experience of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-alignment, and the self connection with the intangible self.


The way you perceive your inner experience including your thoughts, feelings, preferences, emotions, sensations, resources and intuition.


Being open toward yourself and acknowledging without judgement who you are.


Authentically reflecting your internal experiences, preferences, resources, and intuition.


Connection with INTANGIBLE SELF

Our connection with our intangible, unchanging, energetic presence that exists beyond how we identify at any one time.

When experiencing all of these connections we are fully conscious of our selves culminating in the...

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