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Turn Inward and Discover What’s Most Central, a Core Belief Exercise


Are you interested in discovering more about your authentic self?

Here’s a Belief Journaling Exercise to turn inward and discover what’s most central.  This belief exercise is powerful because our beliefs often drive how we think, feel, and behave.


Our beliefs often mirror our thought patterns. Much of the scaffolding of our lives is built on what we think about ourselves, others, and the world.  When we seek to gain more clarity about our viewpoints, we develop more agency over our reactions and behaviors. Thus, we can make more thoughtful, purposeful choices.




Your beliefs may have origins in your culture, the location where you were born or live, religion, spirituality, your lived experience, or your deepest desires.

The Many Types of Core Beliefs

  • Self-related core beliefs such as, "I deserve to live a good life."  or  "I am resilient and can handle life's challenges."
  • Other related core...
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Many say," I don't remember who I am" as a marriage is coming to an end . We may have been silenced. We may have silenced ourselves.

 Giving voice to our experiences is one step toward healing. Expressing ourselves in writing to connect with who we are at our core.

 What pours from our mind down, past our heart, down our arm onto the paper is something that needs to be shared; it contains a truth, you will become reacquainted with yourself.  If you can't think of what to write about, just starting with, "I remember when...."

Something from five years ago one day, something from yesterday the next, something from childhood, all of these different experiences, not editing them, allowing them to pour out.

There are going to be threads of truth.

A map back toward yourself.

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Two Step

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