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How Family and Friends Stoke the Flames of Conflict for Coparents after Divorce

New Research finds that when parents perceive that friends & family blame their ex-partner for transgressions and speak negatively about the ex-partner, it is harder for those parents to forgive the other parent.
If you are holding your breath waiting for the conflict to finally end, consider the holding on that is stoked by friends and family.
Blaming on their part may be one factor that contributes to maintaining & escalating of conflicts between divorced parents.
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High conflict parents, often struggling themselves to tilt the ship right, underestimate the effects of their conflicts on children and children's self-esteem. Putting to use the steps in the workbook does not require you engage in any way with your ex. They are parenting prompts that can be utilized with children of...
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A Simple Strategy to Put Out the Fire of CoParent Conflict

One circumstance that entrenches co-parents in high-conflict is when a parent has acute anxiety over the safety of their children while they are at the other coparent’s home. Many of the things I suggest relate to helping  coparents minimize uncertainty and worry.

I encourage coparents to specifically agree in writing on safety measures inside each of their homes. I do so not just to maximize the children’s safety but also to minimize conflict between parents. Safety measures should include protections to both the child’s physical and emotional health.

An example from my client Marlene. 

Marlene didn’t sleep at night when her kids stayed at their other parent’s house.  Her eight year old had mentioned that the smoke detector was beeping and that her dad took it down and threw it away. 

 Two things. Marlene was so immediately enraged and frightened that she did not stop to think about whether her child may have misunderstood...

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