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Togetherness’ is both an objective experience and a psychological one.

"It’s important to remember that ‘togetherness’ is both an objective experience and a psychological one.” Gregory Walton

Making sense of our feelings when we are experiencing loneliness is not easy. Mindfulness about what our feelings of loneliness are rooted in shifts the way we make sense of things. We realize that opening our minds to a new perspective on what we are experiencing can qualitatively change our sense of self, others, and the social situations in which we find ourselves.

Physically together and psychologically together are distinct things. You can be with others physically yet feel lonely. You can also be physically separated yet still feel connected. Even if you are each alone, you both know that you are in each other’s thoughts. That sense of connection is something we have the ability to cultivate intentionally. 

If you are feeling lonely, you certainly are not alone in that experience. With the pandemic raging across our...

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A CoParenting Tip that Makes So Much Sense, Even if You Deplore Your Ex

Imagine your child getting double the recommended dose of a vaccine, waiting alone outside of the school gymnasium because their parent did not show up, or missing the field trip to the Musical Instrument Museum because their permission slip was not returned. Coparenting is sometimes logistically challenging, yet certain parenting practices not only make coparenting easier for you, they make being coparented  easier for your child.

This tip will seem ridiculously obvious and yet, trust me, as a psychologist, I have seen  that it so often is not practiced by coparents.

Share with your coparent all information about your children that you would want shared with you.

Yes, that's it! This is smart and simple guidance that makes so much sense (even if you deplore your ex)!  It also supports your child's continuing safety.

An easy 2 minute email or 47 second text will prevent the logistical nightmares, inconveniences, and broken little hearts you are knocking yourself out...

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Three Good Things To Increase Happiness

This Thanksgiving will likely be different in a number of different ways from past years. I hope your day will be filled with health and peace.


I wanted to share one of my favorite small things you can do to make a big difference in your life. It is called “Three Good Things.”


“Three Good Things” is one of the most well-known positive psychology exercises to increase well-being. It is so simple and yet research has shown it works. (For more Positive Psychology Tips in Self Care Download my Self Care Guide).


There is a short and a long term way of doing the exercise.


Short Version Instructions:

Each day remember and list three positive things that have happened in your day and reflect on what caused them. List specific rather than general things. 


Mine today as it relates to my work:

  1. I am grateful for Zoom and to be able to see my clients even though we can not meet in person.
  2. I am grateful to my clients for sharing...
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Two Step

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