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How We Can Come To Love Ourselves


The refrain "Love Yourself" chimes over us from so many different directions. Two words that may evoke a sense of bewilderment.

We may ask ourselves, "Really? Just how to go about that?"

The act of loving the self does not feel like something that arises intuitively from within us. This is sad because how to love the self is knowledge we are born with. This knowledge has been long forgotten due to the fact that when we were very young we were taught and learned all too well how to suppress showing love for the self. We were socialized by our parents, family, teachers and society to show love and caring for others and taught that any showing of love to the self was selfish. Choosing to focus on our own well-being was deemed egotistical or even narcissistic. We were shamed for doing the thing most necessary for our well-being.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dear friend, without all of that prior conditioning you would intuitively know how to love the beautiful self...

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Precisely How You Can Redraft the Blueprint of Your Life.


Healing involves awakening the natural self-organizing processes embedded in our DNA. With knowledge of these processes and awareness of our conscious and subconscious mental activity we can redraft the blueprints of our lives.

In two prior articles in this series on Epigenetics, I explain how our perceptions influence our biology.

The first article in this Epigenetic series,  Epigenetics: How Our Perceptions Change Our Biology, I explain what Epigenetics is and the process of epigenetics. That article will give you an understanding of why our hereditary gene activity is not determined by the gene itself, but rather by the environment for the cell in which the gene exists. You will also come to see how the environment and perceptions of the environment are within your control and that you can use your ability to change the environment and your perceptions of the environment to change the activity of our genes.

In the second article in the Epigenetic series, What's Love...

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What's Love Got To Do With It? An Epigenetics Masterpiece.


In my last article, HOW OUR PERCEPTIONS CHANGE OUR BIOLOGY  I described what Epigenetics is, how our perceptions change our biology, and how our knowledge and awareness of our perceptions can be the catalyst for transformation and lasting change. I also described the findings of Dr. Bruce Lipton's Stanford Medical Stem Cell research. You can read a National Institutes of Health article published on the topic here.


In this article, I will describe a real life example of epigentics, the process by which our mind and perceptions change our biology.


To recap briefly, the groundbreaking research of Dr. Bruce Lipton found that genetic activity is controlled by our environment and our perceptions of our environment.  Genes alone do not control our fate. The environment and our perception of the environment actually select the genetic activity of the cell. 


How exactly does this work?

 Ariel in Love and Ariel in Fear

Ariel is sitting on a...

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Epigenetics: How Our Perceptions Change Our Biology

This article describes what Epigenetics is, how our perceptions change our biology, and how your knowledge and awareness of your perceptions can be the catalyst for transformation and lasting change.

Can you imagine yourself, who you are, as an intangible unchanging energy presence and your body as the receiver of who you are and the vehicle of its expression?

Dr. Bruce Lipton is the cell biologist at Stanford Medical School who did groundbreaking stem cell research that underlies processes known as the science of Epigenetics. You can read a report published by the National Institutes of Health Dr. Lipton's research here

Victims of Heredity

Our old scientific view of what would happen in our lives biologically was based in genetic determinism, the belief that genes control our biology, that we could not pick or change the genes we inherited. This view led to the notion that we are victims of our heredity.

The groundbreaking research of Dr. Bruce Lipton found that genetic activity...

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Give Yourself An Intuitive Heart Reading

A Four Chambers of the Heart Reading of yourself is a wonderful way to get to know yourself better so that you can live from empowered awareness. I learned this technique from my teacher, Sonia Choquette, and it is one of my favorite forms of self-care.

The 4 quadrants of the heart, the upper right, the upper left, the lower right, and the lower left each hold the energy for a different aspect of our being.

The upper left chamber of the heart is the wise heart. The upper right chamber of the heart is the inner child heart. The lower right chamber of the heart is the inner adult heart. The lower left chamber of the heart is the courageous heart.


Reading the wise heart chamber, the upper left chamber, allows you to look at all of life from the perspective of your soul or higher self. Once you are in a centered meditative space ask this heart chamber to tell you about all of the challenges you have experienced over the course of your life. See those challenges from...

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Self-Connection To Sky-Rocket Well-Being

Imagine becoming fully connected with all that you are on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational level and the creator of a life that reflects all that you are and all that you can be.


Self-connection is your subjective experience of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-alignment, and the self connection with the intangible self.


The way you perceive your inner experience including your thoughts, feelings, preferences, emotions, sensations, resources and intuition.


Being open toward yourself and acknowledging without judgement who you are.


Authentically reflecting your internal experiences, preferences, resources, and intuition.


Connection with INTANGIBLE SELF

Our connection with our intangible, unchanging, energetic presence that exists beyond how we identify at any one time.

When experiencing all of these connections we are fully conscious of our selves culminating in the...

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4 Questions to Connect With Your Higher Self

One of the most fundamental ways to practice self-love is to take time to intentionally connect with your higher self and spirit. You may be carrying a vague sense of your spirit but that will not be enough to support a real knowing that is necessary to develop a relationship where both you and your spirit feel alive in this life.





Our highest self lives and breathes in our lives when we are filled with the joy of experiencing life. Examples such as walking along the beach and turning to see a flock of sea birds descending, rolling around on the floor with your puppies, spending time in the garden, swimming beneath the surface of the sea, feeling giddy about the upcoming week-end, pausing to watch a gorgeous sunset, these are a few examples of our spirits coming forward and being captured by the beauty of life.


To connect with your spirit or highest self, ask your self,

"What do I love?" 


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15 Steps to Creating Sacred Space For Intuitive Awakening

One of my teachers, Sonia Choquette, taught me this practice in a small group I am a part of.  I use it myself daily and find it to be an essential step in moving toward more equanimity and less reactivity as well as providing a place to access my intuition.


Creating your Sacred Cube of Space: Your Room to Breathe

If you want to live a more intuitively guided life, you must give yourself room to breathe.The room to breathe or cube of space is yours alone and extends about 3 feet around you in all directions.

You do not want to lock people out however, because those around you are part of the energy you are reading. The Sacred Cube of Space gives you room to breathe but doesn’t lock people out.

Similarly, if you want to thrive in your intuitively guided life, you are going to need healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries give you space to be your authentic self. Healthy boundaries enable healthy relationships.

This cube of space is a practice.

In the cube of space we...

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Soul Journaling Questions for Self Excavation and Growth

It is a great burden to try to meet the world's
expectations of who one is supposed to be.
Instead, be true to yourself.
Let the Divine spark within you
define who you are.

You have said a resounding "NO!" to living life on autopilot!

Journey journaling is soul journaling. It asks us to take the long view of your life, both forward and back to meet at the present day. It asks us not just to see with memory but also with vivid imagination.

My Long Road to Today

How far have I come in my life?

Choose a segment of your journey or begin at your beginning. See the line of your life across the map of your existence. Be observant and honest,  honest with yourself. You won't lose ground by looking back and really seeing just how far you have come.
Do you discount your achievements?

Do you give the credit to others?

How far have you come because of YOU?

Remember who you are and what you are already capable of!

Take time to define success on your terms. This is your soul journey and success...

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With Each Journal Entry Your Benefits Compound

Create a bridge between your conscious self and your higher self.
A journaling practice has the power to change your life.
You are the expert on you and you are your best healer.
However, in our fast-paced world, it is nearly impossible not to lose touch with who you are on all the levels of who you are if you don't consciously set out to do so.
If you commit to doing it on a regular basis, your journaling practice creates the structure for you to connect with your authentic self.  You will be amazed at the wisdom you will uncover when you get in touch with who you are on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational level.
By honestly and openly expressing yourself through writing and reflecting you will:
  • Gain clarity in your personal and professional life. Expand your consciousness while being grounded in reality. Tap into your internal wisdom.
  • Find patterns in what brings you joy so you can make more time for...
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